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The Boston Terriers here @ bostonterrierpetshome have been selectively bred, loved & nurtured. We offer the heathiest best tempered boston babies professionally.

We have had the pleasure & the privilege of working with this magnificent bully breed for 20+ Years. Our greatest joy is uniting families with life long bestfriends!!

New Arrivals


If the Boston Terrier is the breed of choice to you, you can expect a sweet and dapper gentleman who is always ready to go out for a walk or spend time with his family on the patio of the local coffee house.



Our puppies are well potty trained and very used to children. We take the our from time to time so they get used to the outside world since we know this will help during re-homing.

They are also used to other pets around them and other kinds of dog breeds.

Our logitivity in this breed has given us an uppper on how to train and breed this breed. We make them get used to other pets and dogs since we associate with many other breeders.

Our Up coming Puppies

They are only a few weeks old but will be ready Soon.

What Our Customers Say

Am happy buying from pets home. Their puppies are so adorable, well trained and behaved. We will always recommend you if we have someone who also need a puppy.
Jennifer Lewis
I got my baby dog after 3 days I was so happy with my family. Thanks for your kind service ❤️ At least we will always recommend you .
Juan Carlos
Well trained puppies and social. We receive our puppy Max you’re a kind person we love you 😍 Pets home your just the best.
Alicia Heart
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