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Questions About their Dogs

  • How long have you been in the Boston Terrier breed? What others have you bred? Remember that more than 2 breeds is cause for suspicion (puppy-mill or disreputable breeder).
  • Can I meet the parents? What are they like? At least the dam should be on-site and they should be able to tell you about both their temperaments.
  • What titles do the parents have? (Dog shows and competitions). The breeder should explain what titles they hold and what they mean. For instance, the Companion Dog (CD) title shows that a dog won an obedience competition.
  • Can you explain their pedigree? At least, they should be able to provide you with a 4 generation pedigree and be able to tell you about the dogs. 
  • Do you have the dam on-site? How old is she? How many litters has she had? The dam should always be present with her litter. Also, mothers should be at least two years old and they probably shouldn’t have more than one litter a year to ensure health and well-being. Their pregnancies are planned and expected.
  • Have the parents been tested for genetic/hereditary problems and are the results/certificates available? (The ones I mentioned above).
  • Do you offer the Welcome Back Program guarantee? This means the breeder will take the puppy back and refund your money if there are any problems.
  • Is the puppy registered in the American Kennel Club (AKC)? If so, make sure you are given the registration certificate and pedigree when you pick up your puppy. You should also get some free health insurance for the first few weeks.

Questions About the Puppy

  • When can I take the puppy home? They must be at least eight weeks old to leave their mum. Puppies usually go to their new home between 9 and 12 weeks.
  • Are the puppies weaned? At seven weeks they should be fully weaned. If they are not, they could be younger than what the breeder claims. P.S: Weaning is a key growth stage, & process, where a puppy starts eating food other than their mother’s milk.
  • Have the puppies been wormed? All puppies have worms at birth. Worming should start with the breeder at about two weeks old, be repeated every two weeks and be continued by you.
  • Have the puppies had any vaccinations? If so, when is the next dose due? Puppies should be vaccinated at 6-9 weeks of age and then again at 10-12 weeks. They will become fully protected two weeks after the second vaccination. You will need to do this if the breeder has not.
  • What should I feed my puppy? A good breeder will give you enough food to continue exactly the same diet for a couple of days. They should also give you a diet sheet that shows how feeding should change as your puppy grows.
  • What sort of socialisation or experiences has my puppy had so far? Socialization is so important to getting a well-adjusted, well-mannered dog. Puppies should preferably be raised in a home environment with all the noise and through the traffic of a normal home. Those raised in kennels away from the house will need more intensive socialisation training to ensure they can cope with daily life as a pet. If puppies have already met other dogs, domestic animals and people, they will have more confidence than those that have not.
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